Ask the Experts

Ken Jenkins, President

"How do we help you drive up your profits? Quite simply, our objective is to maximize the return to members based on the dollar value of all products purchased. We focus on your business costs to improve your market position. The collective knowledge of our management team and internal staff exists solely to support your day-to-day needs. We're here to offer the best possible purchasing at the lowest possible price. Getting started is easy. Let us discuss your business plan in your marketplace and how large your opportunity is with CBS. It's that simple!" - Ken

Ken has been in the commodity building products supply business for over 20 years and he knows what it takes for you to succeed as a major building supply distributor in this competitive Canadian marketplace. You need both a continuous access to quality products and competitive pricing. That's why we created CBS.

Ken Jenkins

James Jones, Vice President

"CBS has three keys to what is driving our programs to be the best in the independent channel. First, we tie our program success in with our members and our vendors. Our objectives are concentric, it is win-win for both parties. As our CBS members profit, so do our vendors. Second, we tie this in with our key value of 'Delivering What We Promise.' We under promise and over deliver to our vendors. We ask vendors to give us the best program for the marketplaces where we operate, the program will then decide what volume will be realized. Ultimately, talk is cheap. The proof is in our program results and our volume has increased by double digits. Third, we have put an excellent team in place and have been very aggressive on running an operation with as efficient a cost base as we can. Our programs return as much value as possible to our members. We return the highest level of rebates to our members in the industry." - James

James has over 27 years experience in the home improvement industry, working in retail, commercial and industrial. He has been buying and merchandising with some of Canada's largest regional and national retailers including Lansing Buildall, Aikenheads, Réno-Dépôt, Home Depot Canada and Rona. James works with vendors in CBS'core business - gypsum, insulation, roofing, siding, millwork (moulding, doors and windows), lumber and plywood.

If you're looking for a buying group that's focused on making your life simpler and your business more profitable, call us, confidentially.


Ask what CBS can do for you. It's your call.

"The support from Ken, James and the team has been overwhelming. They have gone to bat for us in every aspect of our business. We would not be where we are today without that kind of support. We're only paying one vendor so that really cuts down on our administrative and billing costs.
Without CBS we would find it much more difficult."
Frank Saraceni - CSR Building Supplies, CBS member